If you want to power your board from the Host you need Vcc whatever Vcc is for your board ie 5v or 3. December 19, at 1: My arduino recognises both the sent values and garbage with LCD display…. This way I know who’s talking to who visually albeit it is fast. A bit of web research later Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Thanks to you, now I know!

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Retrieved from ” https: July 20, This post was a life saver, and really saved me a LOT of money! If you hold the button too long Arduino will eventually give up and report that the programmer is unavailable. I have a schematic but have no way to show it here if anyone is interested. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Ex-Link Cable for C/D/E Series and BD players – SamyGO

Here is the finished FTDI cable: Yo might help someone else out. January 24, I blogged and gave you credit here: Indeed, they are also work with 5v without issue on my tests.

What a whining bunch they can be, huh? I said the phone connector not the USB connector. This forum space is eagerly awaiting this solution and input form anyone who can identify d,u ready source of cables that need less tweaking. However, this has caused some confusion, as most instructions showing how to build the 3. Press several keys on the keyboard.


Nokia (dku-5) USB Cable to Data Cable

Newer Topic Older Topic. If you are woried about the 5v on the micro’s tx line tx to host from microcontroler you can use a simple voltage divider to convert the 5v putput of the micro to 3.

Tk if I want a 9-pin RS serial port, I may need more pins. It is only the Serial drivers which may look for a feed from the phone end, depending on which clone cable you have got. You have to install PL drivers to PC to get your cable working. And there another cable that was useless.

Thanks for clearing this up for me! Can you offer any help on this?

[SOLVED] DKU-5 cable (usb to serial) macOS driver

Click here to login. My new Arduino Tk cable worked great! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. You may not get the DTR, RTS lines etc that are used for reset so may have to do this manually not a problem reallyyou may also have to go through a couple of different cables kdu you get one that has power available from the USB side of things Some are powered from the phone.


How Can you Make a USB to TTL cable for Sanguino?

You need a bluetooth module for this job. If you have and are running a linux variant, plug your cable in serual then run dmesg from the command line.

There is something horribly wrong with this picture. Seriak 12, The device when attached to window7 it gets COM5 and recognized by windows…you can see the pictures in the following thread. Twist the RxD and TxD lines together. Finally will looks like: Thus the Rx and Tx shown, are from the PC side of the serial adapter.

Interestingly enough both cables power the USB to serial chip proper from the USB 5v feed which is why both show up on the Dbus logging as per above.