TomCarpenter assuming that the exact threshold could vary indeed anywhere between 1. Olin Lathrop k 30 Sign up using Email and Password. The resistor should be large enough that a short to ground from an IO pin won’t damage the pin. R1 on the Main board and R3 on the Daughter board form the divider.

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All you would need is this chip and a bypass cap. Then, the pin is made a high-Z input, and the time taken until a read of the pin IO1 becomes zero is measured. Good to know, that you are not planning, dropping your ZipIt informations and resources.

Linux-Kernel Archive: [PATCH v2] Add support for Dallas DS28CM00 Unique ID chip

But they are big and costly. At some point I would like to get all this wrapped up into the openwrt-zipit organization github so all the members can push changes. In addition to the new kernel and new OpenWrt, we also have an updated u-boot with some fancy new features.

This page is intended to be an accumulation of information about hacking the device. In January, OpenWrt decided to remove pxa support because of a lack of maintenance. If you want to avoid programming, you could just record all the serial numbers somewhere central. Please, for god’s sake, tell me where I can find one and oinux it online.


[PATCH v2] Add support for Dallas DS28CM00 Unique ID chip

If you’re willing to have one, then Olin’s method is absolutely the way to go. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ryan 5 So overall, this might be useful if: Olivia, The Zipit Z1 or Z2 with it’s original software as a messaging device no longer works.

You can build bleeding edge by following the instructions in the openwrt-pxa-target repo there. Olin Lathrop k 30 So as I said, this becomes impractical quickly as the number of distinct ID”s grows. I don’t care if it has a touch screen or whatever, I need one of these pretty bad. Occationally I see them on ebay and they seem to sell. As an input to a MCU? I added an analysis of the required resistor spacing and made the solution work with one pin.

If I have to, I know where to buy the z1, but I want the Z2, because photo sharing. You say a micro in the base unit needs to identify the board type, and that these plugin boards already have a IIC bus going to them.


While I agree with the argument that justifications for such limits are needed, there are cases where there are valid reasons for such decisions. Generating one firmware per board type shouldn’t be a big constraint. It sounds like you are looking for a device that can do social media, instant messaging, etc. You fix the C, and the value of the R will be the board ID. The time now is Z2 Mainboard with parts removed by jpb Can you please keep this site up as long as possible.

Updated Software for the Zipit Z2 |

For example, the pin ds228cm00 the DC power jack broke off on my Z2. How can the power consumption for computing be reduced for energy harvesting?

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