Blimey – that was a ringing endorsement. Feel free to send me his details All of the pads and cymbals which are 3 zone are utilized so there is no compromise in lack of sound that set can produce. Image 2 of 6 The five-pad, three-‘cymbal’ and hi-hat array looks very proper. That video looks like the dtxtreme 3,not the 2 the OP is describing. What you see is exactly what you will receive.

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The generously sized snare and tom pads the TP toms are 10″, the TPSD snare is 12″ and the businesslike RS rack are imposing enough to get close to the feeling of being surrounded by the kit, as opposed to being perched behind a collection of over sized switches, and the fact that the RHH hi-hat pad mounts on a normal hat stand only adds to the grown-up feel.

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DTXTREME IIS – FAQs – Yamaha United States

Despite being bits modules set sounds massive. I’ve repaired several Roland pad triggers but never got around to trying to fix this one. Different style Yamaha and Roland T-Joints may also be substituted if you choose.

I got the kit for Christmas last year and it has barely been put to use. There seems to be a base of fans who hold the opinion that this one of “the kits” to have and it still holds up today. But of course the pads and rack are only half the deal, and they’re nothing without the brain. Pros Relatively affordable for size and physical quality of set-up. Purchased when new, never gigged with, lightly used for solo practice, and packed away Admittedly extremely difficult to recreate accurately, that ‘in-between’ half-open hat sound eludes the Xtreme almost entirely – the leap between tight-shut and completely open is too, ahem, extreme and means that subtle hi-hat stuff is pretty much impossible.


Although it might not excite much in terms of sounds, and the disappointing hi-hat response lets it down, the big DTX already has a legion of fans for whom it meets demands perfectly.

The cymbal triggers fine and has a choke feature. Ask if you don’t see what you are looking for. He is 68, used to play in bands in the 50s and 60s, got out of the habit sometime later when working.

dtxyreme Image 4 of 6 The Xtreme sound module is home to more than 2, voices. The DTX may sound better than the Dtxtreme 2. When he retired, his wife and son bought it for him.


So we’ll say that the majority of acoustic kits are pretty decent, with a tendency to sound quite produced in as much as they give the dtxtrme of a sheen of studio compression and EQand that we really liked some of the ethnic stuff. DTXtreme iis module, rack, hi hat on stand, snare on stand, 2 x crash, 1 x ride, kick.

Those unconvinced by rubbery types will probably dismiss the DTXtreme iie those grounds alone but the size and construction of the Yamaha pads that make up this kit mean they are very usable, and are forgiving enough to be perfectly playable for extended periods.

There is, however, a lack of dynamic three-dimensional character to much of what’s on offer, and as such the out-of-the-box sound of the Xtreme isn’t as engaging as that of some admittedly more expensive electronic kits we have come across.

Reviews at the time were mainly good, sounds jis considered good to average, hardware and bang for buck was considered good, large pads.


The build quality of the die-cast-based pads is exemplary, as we would expect from the Japanese giant. It’s great for jis tasks – practice, rehearsals, songwriting surely the most common uses for such set-ups – but lacks that magic sparkle to make it really special. It says good condition I know, I know and the pictures back this statement up. I do not have any Yamaha mounting hardware for the triggers though; I kept all that dtxtreje my own kit.

So massive is the kit’s user manual that it almost acts as a deterrent to actually getting stuck in and learning the ins and outs of the module.

Yamaha DTXtreme IIS review | MusicRadar

The DTX range has won lots of fans for Yamaha over the years and with good reason – the kits are well priced and offer real functionality. And a fair percentage of users will probably only ever use the kit in a fixed location for practice purposes. And it might just suit yours dtxtrmee.

Its very old and the sounds are very dated i would pass on it. Our Verdict Although it might not excite much in terms of sounds, and the disappointing hi-hat response lets it down, the big DTX already has a legion of fans for whom it meets demands perfectly. Cons It gets a black mark for hi-hat operation and subjectively ordinary sounds.

All in all, there’s more info in your last three posts than I’ve found in two weeks of googling!