The checking status is shown graphically in real time while you can save the error graph at the end of the test. Click on the image below for a larger and more detailed photo. No overspeeding or overburning was possible, but these are not issues for most users. A further improvement with RW media would be more than welcomed. The LiteOn drive not only confirmed its 48X supported speed, but also managed to reach a speed of 50X at the end of the test. The Printing process depends on the print quality selected and differs from drive to drive.

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Suw tested tasks are: Very stable performance from the LiteOn burner. The error type E11 means one bad symbol was corrected in the C1 stage. According to the reported graph, the writing strategy is Z-CLV.

Most problems occur when trying to write the ripped wav files, since the produced CD-R disc contains C2 and CU errors!

Again there were speed drops just before the fingerprint but these did not affect the reading. About Privacy Contact Us. The graph could have been perfect if not for the speed drop, just before the fingerprints: The measurements below should not be taken as the absolute criterion of the burning quality, but dvrdw an indication level.


Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop. DVD Writing Quality – Page 4 In order to test the writing quality and readability of the burned media we used two readers equipped with two software applications: CD Recording Tests 7. CD Writing Quality – Plextools 8.

LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-16H5S Firmware LV4D download

CIRC error correction uses two principles to detect and correct errors. This is however something that can easily be changed with the use of some simple utilities. Both Plextools and Clover System agreed on this. Since the LiteOn drives supports a higher CD reading speed in comparison to the other two drives, the above results were expected. Now let’s move on to the last page and the conclusion of the LiteOn review.

It also provides the capability to measure signal parameters related to pit geometry, such as asymmetry and reflectivity. With DVD media, the drive managed to burn every single disc we tried at the certified speed, reporting good times, especially for the minus format. It also has 65 – 75 micrometer fingerprints. The test results are shown in the following table: Galaxy 16h5ss, 5G, Folding Phones.

For a best quality print, the time required was approx. Below you can see the duration of each process as well as the transfer rate in each case.

As soon as you press the LightScribe button, located on the top right in Nero Burning ROM’s main screen, the wizard prompts you to select the image you want to “print” on the disc media.


The dimensions of the defective areas range from 0. The writing strategy was CLV. Below is a screenshot from Nero Burning Rom’s specs for the drive.

LITE-ON SHWH5S Firmware LV4D Download

It effectively measures disc quality by examining the quantity and severity of CIRC errors generated during playback. Similar performance as with the PTP reading test.

Lines and paragraphs break automatically. The RPC II region control is used, allowing the dvdgw to change the drive’s region no more than five times. Similar ripping performance for all three drives with the LiteOn drive being slightly faster.

LiteOn SHW-16H5S

We don’t recommend removing the drive’s cover, since this will void the manufacturer’s warrantee. This may seem a bit strange, but this is the way it must be done. The drive came with firmware release LS0R which happened to be the latest at the time of this review, so no flashing was needed.