Fcuk she’s a bute!!! Install was quick and easy and it works great. Have you been neglecting your car over the festive season? The important thing is that the “Daylight Running Light” gives far better visibility of you to other cages, as the low beam quite literally suck at this. I bought one too. Full power high beam. Hope to get it all sorted asap.

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Just bought one as well. If at night, use a torch on the light sensor to trick it into thinking it’s daylight to configure daylight mode.

Pushing it too much? Left the neighbour with a crushed leg, which they actually had to debate ecliptexh the amputation option!

Yes, it is just a bulb replacement. Where will I be off to next? I don’t wanna take apart anything I don’t know how to put back together lol ASA I would like to throw a g tech meter and something tqilight dynolicious in my car and see how all the units compare.

Shift Light Install–There has to be a better way!

Are those Xtecs better at night The Twinlight Driver turns on after engine start or a delay much better than on straight away. PMd you for info on how to get into the first buy as well Pat AdamLoewy So many modulating choices!

If you want lamps that are dual low and high beam, you have to remove the entire headlamp assembly and replace them, along with fabricating the associated mounting brackets. I saw somewhere someone used the Skipshift light as the shift light. Selectable features, different modes, turns on after engine start, doesn’t light up the highbeam indicator, both Twinlight and Modulator modes included including very very discrete modulator modessupports different modes for both day and night too: But the dual light thing looking like a car further away is always a possibility, but at the same time, one is low beam and the other highbeam Will it work with HIDs?


But that might give you a better matching setup ; Hey Tonygot my twin headlight driver today. Hard to improve on etc. Basically it provides partial power to the highbeam, so it doesn’t dazzle oncoming traffic and cause them to blind you back.

Serviced these two beauties today! Looking to find somewhere to buy of roll of the same twin wire at the moment so I can just make a new batch of these quickly, then mold all the light sensors with the new design I’ve just done.

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Eclipze doesn’t make the dual headlight driver anymore. The following errors occurred with your submission.

How do I set it so it runs even when it’s dark out? On the first generation Twinlight Driver, the high beam LED indicator was lit at all times although the intensity varied if you switch high beams on.

Photos from our 15th December track day at wakefieldparkrwy are now on our Facebook page. Then you can just scroll through the different modes with each highbeam flash to pick the one you like. Very keen to try them too, as I’ve been waiting for someone like philips to release one in the H9. From the projection, it looks like the left light as sitting on the bike is the highbeam, and the right is low beam.


If you search the forums you should be able to find information on it. But the high beam gives a good spread to be seen with, just that’s it’s too bright – particularly at early morning, dusk and at night. Frankly, I visited their website and found their product information written in a style that suggests a scam or novice inexperience. It has the modulator modes, including very discrete modes – just noticeable to attract a bit of attention, but far from the geeky flashing version.

I love me some good ol gageroadsbrewingco with a hint of nulonproducts open ya bastard!