I then decided to put the unit to a real test to see it’s capabilities. What does it look like? Accuracy is subject to change in accordance with the U. Later on I was trying to get connected to my iPAQ with the Emtac next to me in the centre of my lounge which is at least 3 yards if not 4 from the nearest window and I found that I had a 5 satellite fix. Do not use harsh cleaning solvents, chemicals or strong detergents. Because of variations in the Earth’s rotation, UTC is sometimes adjusted by an integer second. Emtac on my office windowsill The Emtac receiver on top of my filing cabinet.

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The only thing I can assume is that somehow Bluetooth is multiplexing the serial ports, I have not worked out which end is doing the multiplexing, other than knowing that it is not the Emtac. The synthetic screen displays on the PDA in this manual and on the package description are for demonstration purposes only. That said it is cutting edge technology and will probably come down in price in time.

Emtac Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery Antenna Type: A notation of relative unit such as the satellite signal strength received. For information about Pocket PC operation and application software installation, please refer to the documentation that accompanies each product.

Make sure the GPS application installed completely and correctly. The constellation of the GPS satellites is not geostationary. Rmtac particular series of watches uses a GPS receiver to calculate speed and distance. He started I4U News back in and evolved it into vibrant technology news and tech and toy shopping hub.

Accuracy of position fixes longitude, latitude and altitude can be affected by alterations made to the GPS satellites by the U. This optional active antenna is embedded magnet in the bottom for easy mounting on metal surface, be caution not put near to materials are sensitive to magnetic field, such as magnetic storage media like floppy diskette. Built-in rechargeable battery and 5V DC input charging circuit Operation time: As you can see from the above screen pictures I have achieved 10 satellite fixes on different days using different applications.


The only cryx that I identified were: Submit A Support Request. The functionality of this is arguable for driving but could become essential for other uses such as Emergency services, municipal workers, engineers, mountaineers etc.

Emtac D Crux II Bluetooth Wireless GPS Receiver – VGC | eBay

What I can say immediately is that it’s ability to get a fix is incredible. Those of you out there that are used to traditional handheld GPS receivers will not find any track recording, waypoints, routing, or navigation built in to this device. Its parts, like connector pin and jack, can be damaged. When the CF LP GPS warms up to its normal operation temperature, moisture can aggregate inside it, which may severely damage electronic circuit boards inside.

I am not really sure if utopia is ever achievable, but you really cannot get much closer.

The pattern created by the relative positioning of a GPS satellite network is designed to achieve a emtwc high probability of global satellite coverage even in the event of satellite outages.

I was amazed at the number of satellites being fixed by the receiver: The position data is then converted within the receiver to latitude and longitude coordinates, which is usually provided in the geodetic datum on which GPS is based WGS The Author and Pocket GPS accept no responsibility for accident, loss, damage or injury however caused.


I thought that emtav something was wrong, or maybe it was a specially clear day or something.


The screen image to the left shows a differential fix in OziExplorer, taken with the receiver on my office windowsill. Would I buy one? Open Sky and Ematc Reacquisition: Conclusion Almost GPS utopia but not quite.

As a result of exchanging messages with some of the guys on the OziExplorer newsgroup I applied a little lateral thinking and used the NMEA out feature of Fugawi OziExplorer has an Autopilot feature but I did not try this.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Except as required by applicable laws, no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are made in relation to the accuracy, reliability or contents of this user guide.

I am not quite sure how long it took to get the first fix from factory delivery, I powered the Emtac on, set my stop watch and went to make a cup of coffee. I have not been able to test the Emtac in situations where there is heavy foliage as it is now winter in the UK, when I first received the unit there were a few leaves on the trees, but the last few went within days of me testing, and it would be unfair to produce a comparison under these conditions.