It operates in a normal manner in every other respect, including scanning to email or file, but when trying to print ink from ANY source it won’t produce. You can erase the message by resetting the hardware. A black rubber band fell out inside of my printer, the black and white copy’s work but the color copy’s dont work , it prints in lines but not a solid picture, how do I put it back? Had years of trouble free printing, then got the “Printer error – call for service message” Used your solution, worked like a dream. This will work until, alas, I need to make an ink refill – then what? Good for a while This was my first all in one.

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Most Frustrated, John Dent. If these parts are good still able to absorb disposed inkall you have to do is to reset.

You can replace individual ink cartridges when needed, rather than all at once, to save on costs. They work well u ntil one day without notice they stop printing. Now im trying to keep it alive but it’s not easy. The error message is displayed because the ink-absorbent pad is nearly full. This is my wife’s printer and she gave me the ultimatum to fix it or get me a new one, if not “find the door mister”.


They will print, but without ANY accuracy at all. I’ve been on the Phone to epson and a service guy for an hour and all i needed to do was this reset! I guess for most of users, the alert message comes far earlier than a reasonable replacement timing.

The CX’s stylish design, features, and ink-sipping performance make it an efficient and affordable choice for small offices and home users, particularly those who don’t want to invest in a separate photo printer. But there is a risk one day ink overflows from ink-absorbent pad.

Worked like a charm!!! You saved my printer, hours of my time, and pounds of my hard earned cash!

Reviews: Epson-Stylus-CXAll-In-One-Inkjet-Printer | eBay

Can’t print anything if one color goes empty. Reconnect using a needle nose pliers.

One lasted only 5 months, the other one 7 months. I wish it were wireless, but when I got it that was not a priority.

The scanner was very clear. What am I doing wrong, still not able to print after it goes thru all the motions and sounds like it is priniting. Bit of a useful guide to adding an external waste ink tank for the CX here: I tried the head cleaning, and during head cleaning, the black stopped. Epzon anyone could help with a way to reset our printer it sure would help we only had it for about a year prinnter it seems kinda of strange that it would need to be replaced this soon.

epson cx6600 needs reseting

Did you find out if yours was fixable and what it was? I guess I didn’t do it correctly. The CX includes extras such as sample photo paper and access to Epson’s photo Web sites, but you’ll have to buy your own USB cable, now common among printers. Three slots, located front and center below the control panel, support a variety of popular memory cards–convenient for printing straight from a camera.


Wasted hours on this!!! The Good User-friendly design; superb scanning; extensive memory card slots; standalone copying and memory card printing; cheap ink; Windows and Mac compatible. I’ve also suffered a problem with the paper loading incorrectly since day one.

epson cx needs reseting | FixYourOwnPrinter

The CX also accesses Epson’s photo-sharing and photo-craft Web sites, which eoson templates and clip printerr to download for designing scrapbooks, greeting cards, and calendars. Probably, I’ll have to replace the sponge. My cx was printing and scanning ok when a co worker decided to use the reset process as described on this site. You can also make borderless prints in sizes ranging from 4×6 inches to letter size.

Does this unit need trashed when the tube is full? I have one of these printers and wanted to buy another.