This is a massive feature for usability purposes in the OS of the X3iii. Scanning on the new X3iii was much faster than the X1ii. The player offers gapless playback, hardware non DSP bass and treble controls. Windows 8 and 10 accept this SHA certificate by default. This means that the DAC driver has not been installed successfully. I still believe it should be Genre — artists — album — songs but this is a dance I have been doing since the very beginning. Rated 4 out of 5 by Kendall from Great Value I have had the unit for a short time but am impressed with it.

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I understand it was designed to mimic the features of the old UCOS setup, however, it was very slow and ponderous. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Post 67 of As a result, the experience was very slow.

Edited by Yellow at The previous X3 Mark II had no such wireless connectivity. Jan 9, at For charging I use a plug in -wall 2. How about changing another usb jack in your pc to test?


FiiO X3 Portable Music Player

Full list of album art, lyrics ush tag info supported by the X3 7. Edited by FiiO-Shadow at Why can’t deleted songs be automatically be deleted from Favorites and Playlists as well?

Views Read Edit View history. Ub the CS is the same usg used by the likes of Colorfly on the C10 and it sounded very good indeed on both it and the older X2 2nd gen. That is the first and foremost issue. Our driver package is signed with a SHA certificate. Sep 10, at 4: The unit has a 2. Crazy that a new product doesn’t work with the predominant Windows OS.

FiiO X3 (2nd Gen) Portable High Resolution Audio X3-II-BLACK B&H

This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat The function of the X3’s relay Can you see the DAC interface? It is not shown in my available playback devices no. Post 74 of The magazine commented about playing hi-res music files: Post 65 of By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The click wheel is much improved with the release of firmware 1. I do not listen to Any Mp3’s, only high-res music, and still can not understand how anyone can carry around many thousands of highly Compressed songs i.

It seems weird as you said that it is installed. Makes putting files on it a painful chore.

New Features That being said coming from the X2 2nd gen is not such a huge step into the unknown with the X3iii Linux platform.

The reason why certain songs couldn’t be deleted? AptX is missing as it was on the X1 2nd Gen.

I’ll look forward to doing business with them again. In his opinion the X3 “smashed the price barrier”.