The performance delta across all card clocks and all resolutions is less than 6 frames per second. What was the best tech product of ? Do you need it on a game accelerator? It’s very CPU limited as we’ll see with high card clocks doing very little for performance. Take a look at that review here. While this may give the impression of a higher quality product, we were unable to make out any differences between the six- and eight-layer models in operation.

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Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Sells at half the price of its big brother and comes with a full set of GF3 features, including Pixel and Vertex shaders.

Consequently, the video signal can only be output at a single refresh rate. However, it turned out that the design was far imperfect and an image was bad. Since the operating system was reinstalled for this review it was just a matter of removing the old graphics card and slotting in the Ti and screwing it in.

The PCB is a striking red colour, along with the memory heatsinks and the GPU cooler making it a standout card if showing off your computer is your thing.

The new models also use a refined layout. This means that resolution is imminently playable and is a valid gaming resolution. Remember that when testing, all performance sapping features geforcd2 enabled giving the card the most possible work to do.

Also increased card clocks should show discernable performance increases unlike Unreal Tournament. This can be very helpful if the salesperson at your local computer store agrees to install the card into a computer if you are unsure about it. Several new Korean and Chinese brands have entered the market, but we can also welcome a new player from the United States, an galnward called PNY.


From a performance perspective, all gaihward using the same chip are on the same level. The American companies seem particularly unimaginative in this respect.

Radeon is also tasty This is standard stuff with regards to 3DMark on this type of platform, especially with a GF3 based graphics card like we have here.

Not quite a Radeon killer performance wise but very close in the real world. The memory clock was able to be pushed to at least Mhz in all benchmarks and at least Mhz on the core clock was doable with often quite a bit more. Finally, we have Aquamark. Test results 2D quality is excellent, at least in x at 85 Hz. Quake3 Arena demo, standard modes The tests with the gefodce2 were carried out in the High Quality mode geforce22 color.

Win, Lose or Ti – 21 GeForce Titanium Boards –

Ignoring the Speed Limit Nowadays, buying video cards is no longer as spectacular as it used to be – aside from the very steep price. It’s very CPU limited as we’ll see gajnward high card clocks doing very little for performance. Pentium4 based computer Socket It seems like Gainward have given us a golden sample this time.

Increasing the core clock of the card has little effect since the card GPU is fast enough to process the information, it just needs to be given the information quicker due to higher memory bandwidth.


Video 3Digests Video cards: DVD playback, while not up to the quality of out test ATi Radeon was acceptable and very watchable. BioShock Infinite and Metro: It’s a shame that full VIVO capability couldn’t be added to the card since that georce2 give it an added edge. After all, a flickering image is better than no image at all.

NVIDIA GeForce2/3 Titanium Roundup – January 2002

It’s nice to see explicit support for NT4 here since many manufacturers dont consider NT4 to a be a good gaming operating system and this is ostensibly a gamers card, however a large range of games work perfectly well, the ginward being OpenGL based for which NT4 has always been a solid platform.

Theoretically, it would still be possible to use the monitor output regardless, because many monitors support the necessary 50Hz mode for PAL output.

Well, in fact, it is the same processor whose technology was tweaked gainwagd now the percentage of non-defective chips is much higher and, therefore, the production costs are lower.

Leadtek Titanium TDH. It’s a fast GPU with excellent features and runs all current games very well.