March 3, at 9: Such hub and such problem. June 17, at 6: This entry was posted in Computing and tagged computer hardware , new stuff , testing. Good news, sort of — since Genesys Logic products seem to be fairly decent nowadays , but early on in the USB 1. Other hubs can be let down by simple things like poor soldering and poor quality connectors which cause intermittent USB connection.

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Since the GenesysLogic usb3.

September 17, at 7: You can try gl5320 cables, and ensuring you push the cable in all the way. The physical construction feels appropriate for the price, although the soldering could do with some help. Sure I was offered a refund.

What is my advice to all people in such situations, this is to avoid fiddling with firmware updates, because this will turn in to a brick any copycat produced chip. Self-powered and even low-power devices like USB 3.

December 4, at Do you have genrsys kind of problem? I mean you could keep it and use it as a USB2. If throughput is what matters, look into getting more controllers first! April 18, at 8: It could be the case that the crystal oscillator responsible for the signal timing is out of specification or very close to the limitscausing the issue, or otherwise the extra USB 3.


The hub shown in the original blog post has USB 3. The case is black plastic, and there is one LED to indicate the presence of power to the hub bus or external jack.

Genesys Logic, Inc.

May 1, at As for what hub you got, none of us can say since there are no photos of your hub. Still does not work. Click for henesys about me!

The hub in question The hub in question was purchased from eBay — and seems to be quite popular around eBay. Turning the PCB over — we can see a half decent soldering job with most important pins soldered on well.

PS4 Motherobard CUH-10xxA SAA-001 Genesys Logic GL3520 IC USB 3.0 Hub Controller

This means stuff attached to the other USB 3. I am convinced that this specific gadget it is USB 2.

Thank you for this tecnical tip. This would be expected since USB 2. Do not waste your time with downloads and hardware inspection, some one in China aiming to rip-off people by selling a gadget this coming with allot fake advertising.

Quick Review: Cheap Unbranded 4-port USB Hub from eBay | Gough’s Tech Zone

In light of this, finding a good hub is important for the reliability of the connection of devices attached to it. Logjc hub, or not to hub? There is also an inductor and a small ChongX capacitor which appears to filter the incoming power — although the capacitor itself is from a questionable manufacturer and seems a bit small for the job. Voltage drop will also occur over the back-feed prevention diode which is sometimes omitted in cheaper hubs.


Quick Review: Cheap Unbranded 4-port USB 3.0 Hub from eBay

The hub features vertical connection which is rather interesting. Good news, sort of — since Genesys Logic products seem to be fairly decent nowadaysbut early on in the USB 1. May 28, at lg3520 OTOH if you upgrade it and it now works properly. Also note that bus-powered hubs will genssys cause problems with devices which are not self powered — as the cable length and traces will cause voltage drop due to resistance — so attaching drives to bus powered hubs is a definitely no-no.