Back To Top Button: It’s recommended to take your Dual-Hinged Driver Swing Trainer to your local driving range and hit balls with it. You can create a new menu, change order of items in a formed menu or add items to the menu. The goal of this golf training club is to help you reinforce your own swing so the tightness of the hinges depends on each individual player. The Maximus Swing Trainer is specifically weighted “Soft Weighting System” and causes the club to drop into the perfect swing plane with every swing! Our proprietary Soft Weighting System makes it impossible to hit a slice or hook, and our Inertial Weight Shift teaches the perfect wrist cock release. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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It helped with several common faults, and I still loosen up and “groove” with it sometimes.

Golf Swing Tips | Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Review

There are 2 shortcodes that contribute to creating Timetable Page. It’s standard length with an oversized club head. If you need to know more about Pages in WordPress, use the Help tab in the upper right of your screen.

Today was the real test though. The first one is for standard desktop while the second one is for retina ready devices optional.

Setting adjustment screws on a Medicus Dual Hinged 5 Iron

Enable this button so that the scrolling can be smooth. Meducus the guide below to learn how to tp new menu on Medicus Theme. Tighten the hinges too much and the Medicus Driver may never break and you may also not get the desired feedback from the club. Refer to this link to learn more about Footer settings in Customizer.


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This shortcode has the same options as Noo Classic Testimonial with a different layout. Use this widget if you want to show all doctor categories. By consistently swinging the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver without it breaking, a golfer can develop the muscle memory required to reproduce the optimum golf swing. Posted March 17, Medicus integrated all Google Fonts. I have one and lend it out from time to time, but don’t use it myself. Check this box to show search box in the top bar.

I doubt that a lesson would have straightened me out as quickly as my medicus. I agree, that it forces an overslow early takeaway, either that or you have to fan the club open at takeaway to get the hinge on plane early so it doesn’t break. I bought the Mometus Power Hitter Driver, and the Groovie Medicsu, and plan on using them over the offseason to improve my distance.

There are two styles.

I’ve never seen one in person, but the TempoMaster seems like a really good thing, too. Enter a title here Testimonial Image Per Page: What size is the club head? The Medicus is a great training aid for some aspects of the swing but it encourages too slow a backswing which can ruin over all tempo.


Click Install Now to install and move on. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. You also are ho to Export your setting in Customizer and Import to apply for other sites. There are 9 breaking points with the driver as the 5-ironbut you’re on a different swing plane and different tempo.

medicus swing trainer – Instruction and Playing Tips – The Sand Trap .com

In terms of an striking and personal Header, I suppose that it depends on your creativity: After that, you will carry out one further step: Enter a title here Order By: You’re also positioned differently when lining up on the ball when using your driver. Golfer’s baseline adjkst were measured in the Performance Lab and then measured again after practicing 15 to 20 minutes with the Medicus driver.

Check the Primary Menu then save it.