The outstanding print quality IS also achieved through the clever design OF the drawer mechanism, which holds the discs IN place TO such a high degree OF accuracy, that the finest inkjet printing can take place. If you type in the excellent software to print 10 discs. Can simultaneously write different copies on all drives. Lightness or darkness or printed colours Colour Tone: If you are looking for a Sony broadcast monitor there are over units available.

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We will not share or sell your information and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you are in the UK you can find Sony Broadcast equipment that has the Silver Support package included supplied by reputable broadcast dealers and broadcast resellers.

We’ll gladly name reference customers in your area or demonstrate any of our devices upon request. Ph simply remove the printed disc and put another one on, until the 10 or any number you like are done.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) Printer OptiPrinter PRO CD/DVD User Guide |

Devices are modular and upgradable with future burn and print technologies. You must return the disk or manual to Verity Systems or an authorized Verity Systems dealer w Summary of the content on the page No. It takes white printable discs in matt or glossy finish. Connect the power cable to the printer and plug into the power supply. The OptiPrinter Pro printer uses standard, off-the-shelf HP cartridges which enables the printer to be run at a fraction of the cost of other inkjet disk printers with no sacrifice to quality.


Using a power strip, surge protector, or a wall-mounted switch to turn the printer on and off may cause printer failure. Defines the range of colours that can be printed. If you want to run your CopyDisc directly from your PC or connect it to an existing network, then the optional TrueNET2 software allows you to queue jobs, link information from a database and share the CopyDisc Platinum with multiple users throughout the network. I found it very easy to use and basically it can import any jpeg and type any text style you want including borders optirpinter shadows, italics, bold, curved to fit opttiprinter a disc.

Cyclone 4 CD/ DVD/ BD Kopierroboter inkl. HP Excellent IV

Lightness or darkness or printed colours Colour Tone: Designed to lift discs optiprintet the hub, the new picker ensures a firm, positive grip whilst avoiding any damage to the actual disc surface. Show adverts with price.

Import jpeg, gif, tiff or BMP image files Text: The used broadcast video equipment market needs a central location to advertise all the video equipment for sale. CD tray Fit adaptor part into loca. They have a few templates but I always found it better to use my own. If you type in the excellent software to print 10 discs. The new mechanical picker builds on Verity Systems reputation for creating fast, reliable robotics.



All New Used ex-demo. TP Rev 1. Warmth or coolness of printed colours Colour Space: Please contact us if you wish to schedule a demo appointment.

Simply subscribe to recieve the daily email containing updates and additions to broadcast up on the site. Verity Systems reserves the right to amend or modify the. If connected, remove the USB and power cables from the printer.

Here is Verity’s spec: HP Hewlett-Packard n.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) Opti PRO OptiPrinter PRO CD/DVD user manual

optiprintfr We have hundreds of reseller, dealer and hire company users with the biggest range of new and refurbished broadcast, film and video equipment from either dealer, reseller or private selle r. Subscribe to our industry email service Email Address. When complete, select Finish and the Verity S. HP Hewlett-Packard Series. The driver will begin to install on your PC.