I immediately moved my trackball mouse on top of the keyboard, supporting it with vertical slices of cardboard and anchoring it with a couple of rectangles of the thin throw-rug underlay. The Deck is also a bit tall, kind of hurts my wrists just a bit, but I would probably get used to that as well? Wow, I found someone who shares my opinion about the obsolete design of nearly every OEM keyboard. What’s more interesting is the fact that I thought I’d be using DiNovo’s separate number pad, but after several months of never touching it, I put it away from my desk and never missed it. It works quite well. Life was not always so good before my SpaceSaver II keyboard.

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ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpoint

The flatness of the keys wasn’t a problem, but the whole keyboard’s profile is so thin that it feels a little like typing a piece trackpoinf cardboard. Ashhad at November 30, Most have serious shortcomings. So the ability to have the trackpoint on this external keyboard to be less rigid is very important. It is jeyboard to use the keyboard mouse and another mouse at the same time both can move the pointer. For the teaching and presentation aid, see Pointer rod.

We need to talk about the nipple mouse – Hacker Noon

If you are a slow or very strong-fingered typist, you will not have any problem with 1. Rick at December 10, Number pads on the right make no sense to software developers.


For those who don’t like to use the Trackpoint like myselfjust remove the red cap and it becomes un-noticeable — just like typing on a regular keyboard. I developed a lousy shoulder problem. Rick at March 6, Retrieved from ” https: My only quibble about this keyboard is that – rather surprisingly, given the excellent touch of the typing keys – the Trackpoint buttons have virtually no tactile feedback.

A pointing stick can be used by pushing with the fingers in trackpoing general direction ib user wants the cursor to move.

Trick is to rest gently. David at June 13, Plus, I can sit with my feet up with the keyboard in my lap and surf the Internet!

My biggest problem with keyboards is the location of the Control key. But good ol’ Mr. Regards See this link: Moving the mouse closer and using the Trackpoint quite a bit has done the trick. Imb seems very well made and has 4 legs that can be adjusted to give you the position that’s most comfortable. Some users feel that pointing sticks cause less wrist strain because a user does not need to avoid keybkard wrists on a touchpad, usually located just below the keyboard [ citation needed ].

After too many hours in front of his keyboard, he was completely unable to type or even use his hand, and he walked around for months in a wrist immobilizer. I’m leaning towards the Dell Inspiro but I’m worried about the keyboard and the fact that it is silver and possibly being hard on the eyes.


ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpoint | Lenovo US

I also added a wrist pad. I heard people have trac,point success by taking Microsoft natural keyboard and literally cutting off the number pad.

Based on The New Hacker’s Dictionary. I really wanted it to work but something in the power or radio circuitry is too iffy for real usage. You can pick them up online http: I havent read all of this but because of some comments I am just posting this to help all those people who aren’t happy of where their ctr or whatever keys might be. I have read until I’m almost blue in the face Track Point only requires the pulsating motion of your thumb so ur wrist doesnt get hammered. In practice, if keyboatd re-calibration interval is set too short and if the user applies moderately consistent pressure to the stick for such an interval, this method results in an incorrect zero point.

This has the disadvantage of moving the home, end, insert, delete, page up and page down keys down by a square.