Please review our price list or visit www. How loud is it? A sheet feeder for Braille Braille on cut-sheet paper is the future. Braille text memory max. The speech feedback is available in a number of languages. This email address is being protected from spambots.

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Index V4 Braille Embossers: How loud is it?

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Emboss from your computer as usual and 4X4 PRO automatically takes care of the newspaper page formatting. Printer Drivers for Windows and Mac. Easily transforms models of different objects into tactile outlines, helping a blind learner understand what happen when a 3 dimensional object is rpo as graphics on a flat sheet of paper. For more information about Index Braille embossers please visit.

A Braille Embosser is a hardware device for “printing” a hard copy of a text document in Braille. Everest-D V4 produces double-sided Braille that reaches Braille reader’s high demands as well as international Braille standards. Even better Braille embossers Version 4 V4 gives customers a Braille embosser that is easier to use than ever; including features such as a longer lifespan, the ability to service the embossers more simply and much more.

Specifications are subject to change without notice and depend on availability. The speech feedback is available in a number of languages.


Index 4×4 Pro – Production Embossers

The technological solution of the Braille optimized Sheet Feeder, owned by Index Braille, is the secret sensation. Support for Index Braille embossers. Our products are built to last, even when producing high volumes. This is the printer driver used by all Index programs.

The Braille magazine is finished! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. There is also a new Music Braille software program as well as scanning software pfo scan Braille into a computer and have it displayed or translated into text. Everest-D embosses single and double-sided Braille, both horizontally and vertically, producing sharp tactile graphics.

Index 4×4 pro braille embosser driver. This feature makes it possible to braillr Braille on every probable paper format.

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The text is processed into magazine format and it collates the document for you. Everest V4 boasts the best Braille technology available and will be leading in its segment for years to com.

You can visit our website for more information or call or e-mail EVAS if you have questions or would like a system designed and priced. The reliable dot forming technology, compatible with Everest-D, is easier on the environment as well as your wallet.


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Index 4×4 pro braille embosser

We have different lines of products for the blind and Low Vision people. Cut paper; Paper length: All the features you need Get to know the full functionalities of Everest-D and you will find it hard to live without its many features.

The Sheet Feeder is economical and hassle free embosssr comparison to the more demanding, expensive fan-folded Braille paper. Cut sheet paper has been found to be the most low cost, efficient way of producing small Braille magazines and Braille books.

Is it stationary or portable? A one hundred page Braille magazine will be ready embossed, stapled, and folded in less than twenty minutes.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. It is easy to service Braille embossers, it is an effortless process with the help of videos and documentation available on Index Braille’s home page.