If the message remains displayed, the machine may be damaged. Paper will not be fed from the specified paper source if that paper source is loaded with paper of a different size or orientation. The [Found New Hardware] dialog box appears. Dust that accumulates be- tween the plug terminals may cause a fire. The Software is a “commercial item,” as that term is defined at 48 C. Load paper that is half the size of the original. Turn off the machine, then check that the USB cable is correctly connected.

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Adhesive that contains solvent e. This device must be used with a shielded interface cable. The machine takes about 30 seconds to warm up after it is turned on. Wipe the surface using a soft cloth moistened with a mild household detergent. Laserdiodin sunrin teho on 7 mW ja aallonpituus on nm. The USB cable may be disconnected.

Develop ineo 164 User Manual

Laser safety This is a digital machine which operates using a laser. It can be specified when Nin1 is specified for [Com- bination]. Recalling copy program Recall the program registered. Press to clear settings. Warning and precaution symbols The following indicators are used on the warning labels or in the manuals to categorize the level of safety warnings.


Windows is an OS. The functions cannot be combined.

Specified paper uneo appears on the Display. Pull out the Tray 1. Set the language of the Display. Steadily lit up to indicate that the machine is in the Sleep mode or ready for receiving a job.

All about Copiers and Printers: Konica Minolta Bizhub / Develop Ineo Review

When the message appears, prepare to replace the Toner Bottle according to the guidance contained in your maintenance agreement. Options The original is scanned by the scanner section, and the scanned image is printed by the printer section.

Memory may be insufficient. Trademarks shall be used in accordance with accepted trademark practice, including identification of the trademark owner’s name. Classic Heavy Duty Shredders.

Develop originĂ¡l toner A1UC0D0, black, 11000str., TN-116, Develop Ineo +164, 2ks

Place the original face down on the Original Glass. The functions can be combined.

For details on programs, refer to page When the printer driver has been deleted, the icon disappears from the [Printers] window, [Printers and Faxes] window or [Devices and Printers] window. Scans made for copying are not included. Name Description 1 Number of copies Specify the number of copies you desire.


The current copy settings are registered. Turn off the Power Switch. Page Remove the new Toner Bottle from its packaging, and shake it side to side 5 to 10 times. Please keep this manual in a handy place near the machine.

Furthermore, do not use ineoo strong force to press down on a book or any other form of original that must be spread on the Original Glass. The [Found New Hardware Wizard] dialog box appears again, and the installation of the printer driver begins. Be very careful that an accident does not occur when operations such as removing paper jams are performed.