She is suppose to wait until the person who is receiving the package comes in and gets the package then deliver it. So, the community is stuck paying for a Federal service that doesn’t serve anything but to give paychecks, benefits and pensions to people that shouldn’t even be employed. You must log in or sign up to reply here. There is not a definition of “temporary” but notification of a reasonable period would definitely have to be made. It leads nowhere at best and to retaliation at worst. Some forums can only be seen by registered members.

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Till this day my brother still haven’t received the birthday cards. I was laziedt the local CVS last week and this lady came in her mail truck after 8: The sender said they never got it and it’s been almost 2 months and neither of us have no info or item after it got to that office. I have, I’m downtown. Its 2 minutes to 8 and no package in sight. Usps upgrade your services to that laziset ups don’t give out expected delivery date and not make it that’s why so lazirst people hate it,and show where it’s at in-transit rather than in limbo of not knowing people spend a lot of money on products and shipping.


Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Other features of the USO are understood to include frequency of delivery, a range of product offerings, access to usos services, and quality of service. I have set up direct deposit because of the unreliability of usps, but I still was sent many paychecks via mail while it waited to be cleared.

The package i am receiving is heavy, and i don’t want to do their job. I could have taken my mail to work but thought it would get out quicker. Call them to complain. So, the community is stuck paying for a Federal service that doesn’t serve anything but to give paychecks, benefits and pensions to people that shouldn’t even be employed. I laughed because my post office takes the phone off the hook uspps they open and doesn’t put it back on the hook until after closing.

He basically just repeated to me that I had a new address and walked off. Essentially, if they want to say a package has been delivered, or an attempt made, when it hasn’t, it can’t be helped.

They are notorious for stealing shit. This appears to be the laziest USPS driver ever.


At one point, our floor hadn’t been cleaned in three years. Thank you so much! The reasoning for non-delivery is bogus “business was closed, could not deliver” when the delivery location is my residence. During the holiday season and post-snow, when she was delivering late into the evenings, she was nothing but pleasant. Lazisst am having the same issue.


Us;s information about all U. I’m sure u have copies of all the ‘s that u personally have completed. Those are the people who ruin everything. Mailboxes on the street are meant to be delivered by vehicle, and carriers’ routes are timed with that assumption.

Laziest Postal Driver Ever Drives Over Lawn Instead Of Walking On Sidewalk (VIDEO) | HuffPost

I’d have fired the lazy ass after round two. The other supervisor on duty told me he is asking because my dog must of bit the carrier.

Are you implying that all Union Shop Stewads are lazy? If I leave my garbage cans out after collection day and alziest impedes the path to the mailbox, she will just skip my house that day and deliver it the next time the can isn’t there. A microbusiness is just what its name implies.

He had ordered it three days before. Originally Posted by geo