You will use MPIO to combine the two paths for each type of disk in the array so that the OS sees each multipathed disk as one disk. By default, MPIO is configured for active passive path failover. Currently the Manager function on the storage nodes in the cluster owns the knowledge of which data block is placed on which node see my article on Network RAID to understand better. Since this is a Next-Next-Finish install no screenshots. When I follow the MEM deployment guide which is really straightforward, not going to copy it here however I get an error that the signature cannot be validated and so the installation cannot continue.

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This is vital for things like maintenance where you need to take SAN nodes down one-by-one to upgrade firmware.

P4000 / Lefthand and Windows DSM (MPIO)

This article resolved my issue. First you update the CMC itself to This is an automated process where every node will be updated 1 at the time so that your volumes remain online if you have quorum of course — majority of managers.

Share this post Link to post. I assume that HP does not even have the software for Linux I may be wrong hereso I do not understand how XenServer can even support it. Follow, to receive updates on this topic.


J K on Jul 10, Posted July 20, I’d love to have more information on the technical aspects of what’s coming out in 5. We use cookies for advertising, social media and analytics purposes. Actions Copy To Clipboard copy external link to clipboard copied! This features gives the knowledge of where the blocks of data reside on which lefthsnd directly to the host… Result: Posted May 18, I’m still working on this though it doesn’t look hopeful.

JK – doing that yields the same results as if we point it at the cluster VIP Jun 18, News. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. A single failure in bonded the other is still running, lefthaand single failure in MPIO and it would switch to that if it was currently using the other.

HowTo: enabling LefthandOS 12.0 & intelligent VMware MultiPathing Extension Module

It is also vital for redundancy in the event of a node failure. With our P stuff we don’t setup the NICs seperately. Path selection is currently Round Robin. Whether it’s measured in bits, bytes or bites with family leftuand friends, may your holiday be merry and bright. See Server Manager Features Selected.


P / Lefthand and Windows DSM (MPIO) | Daz’s bits and bobs

This results in a better performance since the host can now directly go to the concerned node without bothering the so called gateway connection. Posted May 27, Posted July 14, Apologies for the inconvenience. If that works, then adding multihome parameters with IPs of the array should work.

However, you will see MPIO messages in the system event log indicating a failover has occurred. I think all the bonds would have to be broken and each node connected to individually to each NIC. What can we do to improve this information?

Multipath support using HP Lefthand P iSCSI SAN – Storage – Discussions

How composer Tod Machover blends technology with art. After multipathing is installed, use MPIO properties to select the types of disks lefthanf will be multipathed. Can you please tell me what are the enslaved IP addresses of the cluster address Next How a home lab can run out of control….