I’ve compiled in V4L, bttv, i2c, i2c-bit banging, and bt audio dma as modules. Views Read View source View history. Most of the discussion on this page handles about the BT based cards. This page was last modified on 28 October , at Miles Tux’s lil’ helper Joined: The order is probably the PCI card order and should not change between boot ups.

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Download File List – WDM bt/bt video adquisition driver – OSDN

Views Read View source View history. I lifevieew already figured it out and didn’t know it. At a command promt type dmesgthe lines you are looking for look like.

Miles Tux’s lil’ helper Joined: If I type Code: Display posts from previous: I was confused earlier. These cards are software driven components in that they rely on the computer processor to handle much of the load, lifevies the Hauppauge PVR series of hardware encoders.

Brook Tree is the manufacturer of the bttv “family” of video capture chipsets. The order is probably the PCI card order and should not change between boot liceview.

Lifeview Studio Philips WDM TvTuner (PAL BG) Free Driver Download

Your post made me want to install my Flyvideo 98 – Compiled everything as needed with the standard v4l and bttv modsxawtv detects card fine and runs well View unanswered posts View posts from last 24 hours. Scantv picks up diddleysquat?! If you have multiple Bttv cards in your system, you can specify each one using a comma seperated list.


Fri Nov 15, 7: Hosting by Gossamer Bbt848 Inc.

Lifeview FlyVideo ’98 FM bt – almost got it working! This page was last modified on 28 Octoberat More detailed information on the lifeviee options can be found at: If you are having problems with this card, try these modprobe settings.

Lifview from ” http: Do you have very poor color, very low volume and or channels off by one or more channels? Gentoo Forums Forum Index Multimedia.

Also make sure that you have the capture card connected to the audio card using a CD audio cable.

Many of these cards also provide audio capabilities supported by the btaudio drivers. The correct title of this article is bttv. If anyone else has their Flyvideo 98FM setup from Aust, please post your setup BTW, if your interested on the top right hand side of your card there is a model number – liifeview there is a web site that tells you all the switches to use with bttv for this card, I came across it a little lfieview ago – but buggered if I can remember it off hand – Lifeivew your interested I will have a scour through my history to find it Have you setup any channels for xawtv?


When I ran scantv before and got Code: BTTVs autodetect might be playing funny buggers with your card. This driver supports both the BT based cards as the older BT based cards.

LIFEVIEW and related drivers

Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc. Thu Nov 14, If you find out what the prob is please post it. I bookmarked it This has heaps of cards, and the switches to use with bttv As a result, a processor closer to 1GHz is needed to capture using one of these cards, especially for Live TV viewing since that involves both encoding and decoding at the same time.

Where does one find the list of supported cards and tuners and the numbers bttv assigns to them?