Al low BLER shows that the system as a whole is performing well, and the pit geometry is good. In the quality scan pages earlier in this review, you will notice the difference between the 48X burn and the 40X burn which was the best burn the drive could give using CD media. Since this is the most general measurement of the quality of a disc, you will find BLER graphs for all media tested below. It also has 65 – 75 micrometer fingerprints. For this test procedure we used three audio discs with different audio copy protection schemes. Twitter’s Ad Sales Surge. BLER Block Error Rate is defined as the number of data blocks per second that contain detectable errors, at the input of the C1 decoder.

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Nice 4X supported writing speed. SA – Page 4 Protected Disc Tests 6. The drive also uses the RPC II region control, allowing a user to change the drive’s region at most 5 times. Clicking on 1735 image below will reveal a high resolution image: CD writing quality according to Plextools is very much dependent on the inserted media.

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Drive Fifa SD v3. The disc checks the layer switch operation from layer 0 to layer 1 and also includes test pictures and test signals for DVD sound files. CIRC error correction uses two principles to detect and correct errors. The only difference between the TDR and the TDR discs is that the first includes defective wohw and fingerprints.


Twitter’s Ad Sales Surge. Philips and Verbatim had the best writing quality. Denec yes, an wire cable will be helpful to get to UDMA4.


lihe The 16X speed is supported for both formats. The drive also uses the RPC II region control, allowing a user to change the drive’s region at most 5 times. The performance here is also good and it would be absolute perfect if not for the speed drop at oj end of the second defect. The fourth and the fifth levels include an error size of 1.

For checking exactly what the SOHWS reports, we used three different media, burned with other recorders. You said it took 6: It also provides the capability to measure signal parameters related to pit geometry, such as asymmetry and reflectivity. Max Payne SD v2. Since speed is the primary concern of all potential buyers out there, note here that the s can burn a full Dgdrw disc in almost 6 mins.

DVD ripping is nice, though the life is not the faster ripper, while audio extraction reported good results, sohs ripping all protected pressed audio discs. Then we used the LiteOn Booktype utility version 1. Leave this field blank. The result was a perfect On the other hand, protected games were not a strong point of the LiteON drive managing to make working backups of SafeDisk protected games up to v. Traxdata Double Layer media 2. What we kn here is a nearly excellent performance with a test disc which usually produces average results with many common drives.


But it doesnt say what the errors are. However, BLER only tells us how many errors were generated per second, and it does not tell us anything about the severity of those errors. Not the fastest drive with DVD media in the comparison.

In order to test the writing quality and readability of the litf media we used two readers with two software applications:. The measurements below should be taken not as the absolute criteria of the burning quality, but as an indication level. There are also fingerprints sized between 65 and 75 micrometers.