Favorite Music Lists of To the left of that is the display itself. The double bass may have sounded a bit more powerful through the ARC, but it was very close. Perfect for usage as high-end DA converter. I normally rely on Stephen Booth’s very cost-effective Decibel v. At the far right is a large knob that lets you select the input.

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Luxman DA-06 DAC

What do you think? Subsequent broadcasts sounded fine. Around back are all of the inputs and outputs and IEC inlet for the included power cord. Additionally, PCM playback through the Luxman DA can be optimized with a choice of three user-selectable digital filters, derived from different bit interpolation functions.

Consequently, although I laid in a good selection of DSD files chosen specifically for this review, I spent most of my reviewing time using the Luxman DA for everyday listening: In the field, those are what most Luxman DA converters will spend most of their time converting.

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Luxman Da USB DSD Support 32bit D / a Converter Japan Model | eBay

The DA’s rear panel is straightforward. The Luxman traded off these traits for a very sensuous sound, a warm, enveloping, and soft presentation that was just pure pleasure.


Thanks for the great write-up, fond reminiscences of that meeting with Philip. Was that a euphonic effect? I also threw every instrument in my sonic arsenal at the DA and it took them all in and gave back what sounds to me like natural voices.

Digital signals arriving through the USB input are said to be streamed asynchronously.

Included in its massive construction were:. Recording of June We Philip and myself were both in awe when the song played, instruments and voice all filling the room beautifully as if we were in the hall, and the Luxman proudly displayed 5.

The power supply is a highly stable OI core power transformer with large capacity 10, microfarad blocking capacitors to support stable operation. Qobuz announces US pricing plan, will Tidal feel the heat?

Solid aluminum insulator legs contribute to great vibration suppression. Music Albums of the Year.

Luxman Da-06 USB DSD Support 32bit D / a Converter Japan Model

My measurements clearly indicated that the XLR jacks on our sample were wired with pin 2 hot, the DAC being non-inverting when connected to the Audio Precision, which has pin 2 hot.

Truly versatile specifications for a single DAC. Beyond that, the Luxman’s four remaining pushbuttons were those I found most useful: Used in that manner, the Luxman suggested an idealized and vastly more flexible version of the affordable and consistently listenable Halide DAC HD, which has become my USB reference during the past year. USB Audio Class 2. He transferred them over and launched the title, a classical opera piece.


Even the potentially clamorous harpsichord was given full voice while harmonica, a potentially disastrous instrument in digital reproduction, sounded nice and wet and woody. I did not try any aftermarket power cords Log in or register to post comments. Submitted by Seneca on June 5, – 4: According to Luxman, digital inputs of An output phase switching function d-06 to the balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs enabling playback of reverse-phase input sources.

The arch-enemy of data playback is jitter noise generated by timing errors — the fluctuation of the signal.

At the far right is a large knob that lets you select the input. Most-Read Reviews Last 5 Years.