Image Editor shows full-sized file properties after saving. Installing, removing, and upgrading are all routine tasks that most people do all the time, because Linux and all the apps available for it are constantly being updated. Is not all of this work about Linux “freebee or donate or pay up front”? Thanks in advance for any guidence with this. There are dozens of regulars who often contribute their assistance and knowledge to other users.

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A little analysis would’ve probably been a good idea before running the smear against DistroWatch.

digiKam – Merry Christmas : digiKam is there

Image overwritten with blank file when importing into same folder. I used toplay with a very earlier version a couple of years ago and found it too “beta” for my laptop. The installer starts and after about 3 seconds of compiling a kernel panic happens and the computer freezes and I am stuck. It seems to be a serious project, aimed at running the PC’s in most offices in Turky It is basically broke from the mandriv, unless one wishes precompilled install it and fix all the problems that keep sound from working, wireless from working, Nvidia cards from working, ADSL from working, oh yeah, and there are a few other issues too.

Upgrades from earlier versions or systems originally installed with an earlier version are not supported. As for Elive, I won’t waste any time trying it out.


I’ve tested several versions of Elive over the last two years or sopublishing my findings a few times.

You can also install the 2. I’d encourage you not to get precompiledd riled up about the guy, that he’s not worth your time, but I think you’ve already figured that out, judging by your resounding rebuttal donation stuff.

Scrolling thumb view is very slow. The graphics card is not set correctly.

The test releases prior to PCLOS were needed because it had been re-based and re-built, because we could no longer compile stuff with the v3 compilers. In my opinion, the distribution is not in a stage that can earn a “must-donate” tag.

Also, “Currently Active Users: Allow to use mouse click and drag to move around the image in View mode. No, supporting Linux isn’t the solution I have to wonder if I’ve been doing anyone a service for seeding the torrent for this long if Slackware users are so thin-skinned that they get upset when the very worst someone can find wrong with their distribution, benchmarked against current distros are a few slight menu issues, not having a user configured during the install, and having to startx manually.

Tom’s attitude was indeed “shameful”.

I have compile new versions for the latest mandrake It was through the inspiration of his supervisor that precompilec guy never gets any credit! Red and blue channels in images are reversed when saving.


DistroWatch Weekly

Opportunity to compile digiKam without Nepomuk service. I will admit though, recently I haven’t seen anyone from those ranks fanboying it up in here. That being said, I believe Elive has great potential and I applaud the work that has been done.

Let us focus on the device drivers – devices interface. It was blacklisted by Google coders due to crashing complaints, but I have tested it extensively and have not experienced these issues, so I’m watching videos.

All those users were left high and dry! Thumbbar out of digiKam. I do not upgrade if it works, why? Now, about direct download links Major components include ibus-sunpinyin the whole-sentence-oriented Chinese input mzndriva, Linux kernel 2.

Installing NVIDIA drivers – Hardware –

Later I got the iso file from 3rd-party torrent tracker and used it for few days. Find the answer to your Linux question: However, after only a few minutes the computer will either shut down and reboot or simply freeze, and I mean all of the way. If they did in fact email Mr.