Add to Cart Reviews. Regular X10 modules I used in my previous house make quite a lot of noise when they switch. The marmitek activehomepro ahp software, in conjunction with the cm15pro programmable computer interface, lets you control lights and appliances around your home when used with marmitek x10 modules. I am not sure if it will work as the powerlink usb or not. The macros are held in E2 and retained even if the power fails. At least after one evening of trying various alternatives that everything work as desired.

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At what level does a X10 module stop picking up the correct signals? I am trying to get it to work with x10 kit that i have purchased but cannot get the cm11 controller working.

On top of that the status on the computer is always reliable”. At the moment I have the CM11 doing the stuff again.

CM11 not connecting

Running the whole setup on VMware also did not solve the job. After setup, the data is saved in the interface and the pc can be switched off. The interface can be set up via the windows software on the cdrom included with the interface. When I take my universal remote and I turn the mxrmitek off, the switch knows this by reading the X command from the powerline.


X10 activehome professional free download and software. Then it might be interesting to take a few minutes to read this story about Marmitek Marmktek.

More programming possibilities because of conditional macros. Activehome usb x10 controller cm15a anyone have any experience with using one of these with homeseer 1.

Marmitek CM11-USB Network Card User Manual

Fixed a problem that prevented some windows 98me users from registering and getting software updates. Each of the four corners of the switch marmitel an X address. The Computer Interface fits between the AC outlet and the computer’s power plug. Mqrmitek comprehensive remote control, also suitable for all you audio and video equipment.

A grounded AC socket is provided on the front of the interface for the computer ‘s power plug 3A max. Anybody any idea what is causing this effect?

Comments 0 This post does not have any comments. Use the links on this page to download marmite, latest version of x10 usb activehome acpicompliant drivers. Google [Bot] and cm1 guests. Built to terminate the original EZ-RJ45 connectors, which have been a staple in the industry for almost two decades, this crimp tool improves the trim and crimping processes of EZ-RJ45 connectors by using a single cycle crimp and flush trim.


Hi guys, got my cm11 with a serial and the usb cable from marmitek.

Fixed a crash when attempting to add a new module with the same address as a module in the trash can. It the signal from the HCB much weaker? For the lights i will buy those unidirectional modules. With the cm11 you have the basis for automating your entire house. And yes, this dimmer module will also be as small as the other MicroModules.

I think adding the Marmitek MicroModules to your X installation makes it far more professional”. I’m considering buying a PMIX Besides I cannot always find the spare time to work on my x10 setup.

Normally I would accept the advice to place more filters or amplifiers. I’m planning to extend my X10 setup.

X10 brand model number cm11a activehome serial computer interface. Activehome usb x10 controller cm15a home automation. But with a nondimmable red illuminating 7 segment clock display, you have to put a pillow on your face to got sleeping.