Please refer specification pages for full details. It’s also longer than standard. Write a comment below. Matrix Retail Box window. Skill Memory Products G. Products may not be available in all markets.

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Shorting this will double the switching frequency from KHz to a staggering KHz. The higher switching frequency provides a faster reaction time for the power phases to meet the varying GPU power demand. Matrix Retail Box retail accessories. Products may not be available in all markets. For extreme users and matris LN2 Overclockers the shorting of these circuits by use of solder, conductive pen or variable resistor allows the card to operate with Over Current Protection disabled. A nice bonus, I’d say.

iXBT Labs – ASUS MATRIX GTX P/2DIS/MD5 Graphics Card – Page 1: Intro, specs, design, cooler

Near the bottom there is a nice photo of the GPU’s 19 phase power design as well as an exploded view of the Direct Copper II cooling system. Blue color means 2D or light 3D mode, red means heavy 3D load.

Please refer specification pages for full details. Safe Mode is very useful for Overclockers and trouble shooting in a time crunch. Could you check fan gyx580 under eg Kombustor?


Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Originally Posted by saaya. Now thats a monster card. These fans will provide massive airflow through its enormous cooler. I find this back plate to very comforting as it helps eliminate deadly accidental short circuits or physically damaged components on the back of the card.

Where courage, motivation and ignorance meet, a persistent idiot awakens. Directly below the GPU core is the GPU’s serial number, you may want to take note of serial number during installation as it may be difficult to access in a fully assembled system. Matrix Retail Box back. They call me Pro Asus Saaya yupp, I agree. Notice the series of holes in the back plate. Look closly and you will see four gold caped white fuses, these are used to limit the total current draw of the card matriz order to prevent fatal damage to the VRM’s and gyx580 components.

Tweak, Game and Win with ASUS ROG MATRIX GTX580 Platinum graphics card

You can adjust both settings separately, but then p/2dia/1536md5 be the one to blame for any damage. Power PWM Frequency refers to the switching frequency of power supplied to the graphics core. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.

Skill Memory Products G. At the center mahrix the card are two appropriately sized 90mm cooling fans. Positioned at the far back of the card are two 8pin EPS 12 volt PCI express power connectors used to supply additional 12 volt power to the graphics card for maximum graphics stability and overclocking potential.


Conveniently topped with a carrying handle the retail packaging follows suit with Republic of Gamers p/2dis/156md5 boards in its ROG red color scheme and bold shimmering title. The open cooler design also dissipates heat into the systems chassis. The bottom of the card is home to the PCI express 16 pins supporting a full bi-directional 16x graphics lane. I mean, how thick is it?

ASUS Matrix GTX580 (P/2DIS/1536MD5)

Asus has raised the bar once again by including a Safe Mode button for quick and easy operational restoration of a corrupted BIOS or failed flashing. Specifications and features vary by gxt580, and all images are illustrative. Flip open the front of the box and we find an informative section with more detail of the ROG Overclocking aspects ad features.