This entry was posted in Product Reviews and tagged best buy , comcast , dcx , dcx , doyle serink , eSata , esate HD , eSatea port , follow me tv , future shop , HDMI , how many hours can i record on my PVR , MOCA home network , motorla dcx , motorola cable box , motorola dct , motorola dcx , motorola dcx , pvr anywahere , pvr expander , PVR recording space , shaw , shaw cable , shaw cableboxes , shaw dcx , shaw dcx , shaw pvr , time warner , western digital pvr expander , what hard drive should I use to expand my PVR. Your description of HDMI handshaking was a good read. I plugged in a gb Western Digital drive and every thing looked fine. Could you point me in the right direction? How about Shaw — Can you hear us!

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I can continue using my existing PC base recording with S-video.

How to record shows from a Comcast DVR to a PC

Obviously Shaw could temporarily remove the block to the port, change the encryption setting, copy the content to a new hard drive and install it in the same machine. I also have a Shaw DCX that occasionally squares up. The Portal accesses content from the Shaw Gateway system and is required for each TV in the home that you wish to access the system on. Component video came out first and allowed consumer monitors to display High Definition programming. Jim the real core of your problem is not with Shaw but rather the shift from analog broadcasts and physical media to Digital broadcasting and streaming media.

May 9, at Same for example you have an older HDTV set which is only P compatible, feeding it a P signal may result in no image since it cannot sync with the resolution being output by the cable box.

After unplugging it for about ten minutes it will work until you turn it off and not turn it on again for about a week, you have to go through this process again to reset it.


This version is the same as the MP unit, however it supports a IR Tethering and has a touch screen interface on the front of the unit. Shaw compatible units can be found at this link. This is not a technological problem but avc/ engineering choice once again brought about by the content providers movie industry to restrict P output to HDMI copy mogorola devices only.

We like the full feature front panel soft touch control buttons which include direct buttons for Menu, guide, format, channel up and down, and GUI ,otorola up, down, left, right and select buttons in addition to the power button.

Shaw DCX3400-M (500GB – 2TB PVR)

Cancel the hardware connection wizard as we will need to install the drivers individually. Those are the only 2 solutions I can offer, most likely scenario 1 — the cable company has restricted PVR anywhere to the internal HD directory on the DCX Scenario 2 only applies if you know of someone who has the external drive working and playing back on a remote DCX in which case your DCX is hooped!

Comes with a perfect working Shaw Remote. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

Shaw DCXM (Gb – 2TB

I did find it strange that the Shaw tech guy stated that their max was p but, overall I am satisfied with the results. Each version of the spec is backward compatible with the previous spec the only difference is the data transfer speed will slow down to the lowest common denominator in the chain, thus if you are connecting a USB 3 hard drive to a USB 1 or 2 port on a computer, it will work however you will only get USB 1 or 2 data speeds and not USB 3.


Could you point me in the right direction? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Shaw continues to be one of the most reliable providers of HDTV programming and distribution.

My question is, in many of your postings you mention a p signal. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Does Shaw broadcast in p in Edmonton? If you have a blank, formatted drive all you need to do is plug it into the esata port and the Motorla DCX will see it and a pop up screen will dcx-4xx you if you wish to format the drive for use with the cable box.

This is a scary thought for anyone over the age of 40 who grew up with Physical Media but ask a 20 something about it and they tell you no big deal.

How about Shaw — Can you hear us! You are commenting using your Twitter account. Ion Security Edmonton, Alberta, Canada info ionsecuritysystems.

Motorola DCX PVR Cable Box Review | Tech Tips and Toys

August 25, at Does anyone know of a way to make this work with Tim’s firewire setup? I connected the to my amp with component and optical and as you said, and everything works as it should now. No dcxx-34xx light letting me know if something is recording.

As a side note, I am assuming the display you are hooking the up to is capable of i signal and not just P. Hi I just purchased the DCX