The default address is all zeroes. Page 83 Managing Global SparesThis section describes how to designate available drives as spares for use by anyvirtual disk. Caution — Before deleting modified data you must unmount the snapshot from datahosts to avoid data corruption. The changes take effect immediately. Such inconsistencies can indicate that a drive in the virtual disk is goingbad. Viewing Disk Drive Types and Firmware VersionsTo view the firmware version revision and type of each disk drive in eachenclosure connected to the system, do either of the following:

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Click Convert To Master Volume. This scsj affects all host ports on both controllers. Expanding a virtual disk adds free space afterthe space used by existing volumes.

Adding Global SparesYou can designate a maximum of eight global spares for the system. Continue with Step When processing is complete, the page shows the mapping changes.

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A message is displayed indicating whether the reset succeeded. The Tasks panel shows the name, type, and status of existing tasks.

For example, if 10 events can display at a time and 15 are pending then the pop-upwindow shows the first 10 events and clicking the Acknowledge button will showthe remaining events and new events that might have occurred. Help Bar IconsThe Help Bar at the top of each page devive include event notification, page refresh,and page help icons.


Checking the Progress of a UtilityTo check the status of any running virtual disk utilities: The drive enclosure panel shows all enclosures in the system and the status of eachenclosure. The current operational status of a disk drive, a encloeure disk, orcontroller. To view temperature status: Verify that background scrub is disabled.

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Understanding the InterfaceThe topics in this section msa22012i elements of SMU pages and provide help fornavigating pages: This would get us started.

Page If a controller fails, the hosts maintain access to all scwi the volumes through the hostports on the surviving controller, as shown below. The default is public. Subscribing to this service provides you with e-mail updates on the latest productenhancements, newest versions of drivers, and firmware documentation updates aswell as instant access to numerous other product resources.

Configuring User AccessBy default, the ebclosure provides three users that can access the system. You can filter the criticality of events that are included inthis table.


HPE 3PAR NULL INF for SCSI Enclosure Device

To update disk drive firmware: Typically, you should not need to change virtual disk ownership. Module StatusYou can view summary status information for each controller module and allenclosures in the storage system.

In anactive-active configuration thesurviving controller will kill thecontroller that experienced vevice criticalerror.

In an active-active configuration, one controller has ownership of thefollowing resources: Thank you, Tom P. If there is more than one enclosure, select the enclosure for which you want to enterinformation.

I ask because our 1 encllosure host has a lot of local SAS storage 2. Deleting a ScheduleTo delete a schedule: The filter is applied as events are put into the table.

If prompted to specify the file location and name, do so using a.

To add or change an explicit mapping for the selected volume: If a service is disabled, it continues to run but cannot be accessed.