Running CineBench in a loop results in no CPU performance degradation over time as shown by our graph below. Both Thunderbolt 3 and the FHD panel are vital for a better experience and to make up for the lack of an E-port. Rigidity of the base has not improved from the outgoing E To uninstall this download: See our dedicated CPU page on the iU for more technical information and benchmark comparisons.

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Thus, while the base of the may be marginally weaker than on the ThinkPad T, its lid and hinges feel more solid to compensate. X-Rite i1Pro Basic 2.

Follow Microsoft Facebook Twitter. No major uneven backlight bleeding issues. Pulse-width modulation is detectable on all brightness levels except maximum and so users sensitive to onscreen flickering may want to consider running the notebook permanently on its maximum brightness setting or purchase another notebook entirely.

Dell Latitude Intel Core iU. This site requires the use of scripts, which your browser does not currently allow. See our dedicated CPU page on the iU for more technical information and benchmark comparisons. 5850 R15 Cinebench R Note that the M. We can notice no distracting coil whine on our particular test unit.

Dell Latitude (iU, HD) Laptop Review – Reviews

In Windows, click the Start button, and then click Control Panel. Business Kaby Lake Windows Laptop. An inserted SD card sits flush against the notebook edge to allow safe carrying without damaging or bending the card. Users may want to consider configuring with Thunderbolt 3 compatibility in order to utilize 5508 docking stations and 4K monitors since the Latitude has dropped the dedicated E-port found on the older E Dell homepage Dell notebook section.


In comparison, all tested devices range from 0. Otherwise, not too much has changed from the outgoing E series. Dell provides a handy manual for users who wish to disassemble the notebook further.

Smi temperature in particular is much too cool, which is common amongst inexpensive TN panels.

It’s not warm enough to be uncomfortable if typing, but the bottom can reach well over 40 C in comparison. We can’t help but to have expected at least some improvement over its immediate predecessor in this regard.

Comparing Dell 5580 vs MSI WE62 vs Lenovo P51s vs Lenovo P50s

Best Displaysfor University Students. Both Dell and HP have been pushing multi-factor authentication to make unauthorized entries more mis. If so, this could potentially have a negative impact on the Turbo Boost performance of the Latitude 5580 recommend checking out our existing reviews on the Latitude E and E for more information on the series since the shares many similarities with its predecessors.


Expect a power draw of only 30 W when gaming or when running very demanding loads compared to over 45 W on the ThinkPad T Spectre x 15 apdx. Saturation Sweeps before calibration.

Very high processing loads will 5508 the left side of the notebook much more than the right due to the positioning of the processor and heat pipe. Performance is also not significantly better than the last generation HD Graphics in the Miix Proso users shouldn’t expect any notable leaps in gaming performance when jumping from Skylake to Kaby Lake integrated graphics.

Slight creaking can also be heard, but this is fortunately nowhere near significant enough to be of any concern. No major changes 5508 the keyboard or trackpad. The five dedicated mouse keys surrounding the touchpad are not as impressive.

At worst, we can record a surface temperature of just over 36 C on the keyboard as shown by our temperature maps below. Our test unit comes equipped with the Intel capable of theoretical transfer rates of up to Mbps.