Because injection moulding is quite expensive we are looking to people who would like to participate in obtaining some professionally produced cartridges for their own projects, and need more space than the konami sized alternatives offers. Warning, JavaScript is disabled! Thread permissions Reply to existing threads: March 25, – You need a few things. MT files of XAK: Major changes were done, including compressed sample support in SoundFonts.

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Stupid stuff that the Windows team does just serves to make Linux look like a better and better option every day. I then tried going ahead and installing v3. First happy new year to you all!

The first prototypes are being send to developers and we are already busy to test the hardware together and yes some bugs needs to be addressed before we can go to production. It likes to stall the output, which would stall playback completely while the player waits for a free buffer to output more sound.

I default to XAudio2, which is guaranteed to support floating point output.

Guys, I seem to be having a pretty bad problem when attempting to uninstall version 3. This site hosts no abandonware. My X-Fi hardware synth and sfz software synth when set to high quality have no audible aliasing when using the same soundfont.


Last edited by flame21 on Also, people who are so kind to use the order form will get on the reserve list and will be contacted first when new batches arrive. The nearest thing that I’ve been able to come to this setup on a modern computer is to run a motherboard that is capable of running modified soundcard drivers for the Yamaha PCI sound card under the 32bit version of Windows 7 and then running a version of DOSBox that supports OPL3 passthrough.

I replaced BASS for output, and instead use my own output interfaces.

vsh We do not have any dangerous JavaScript running here. The reason that I mention the above, as I’m wondering if that two entries could have something to do with the problem I had uninstalling v3. These will be available later this year. Playsoniq — sold out.

VOGONS • View topic – VST Midi Driver Midi Mapper

Hopefully we got more news soon. Also thanks for pointing me to un4seen. We hope to start shipping in February.

MS is going down the wrong path with removing the midi mapper completely. Currently we are busy with the following: New redesign is ready, software is not. Please muelord us info thisdomain for more info. I didn’t really give that a second thought We are investigating to reproduce the Philips NMS cartridge casing with injection moulding. Is mudlord aware of this and can he do anything to restore all VST muudlord features for Win 10 users?


VSTi Instrument use in XMPlay?

Thank you for your support and happy MSX-ing! Updated to have sinc interpolation plus kode54’s fixes to GS detection.

Link to the Franky DIY manual. I had installed version 3.

So, filling in our order form secures your place on our reservation list. Someone has hacked the shareware version of the great Yamaha S-YXG50 soft synthesizer to work on 64bit Windows because normally it can only work on 32bit Windows.

MIDI-PAC2 without MIDI synth hardware

This has proven more difficult mudlorrd expected because we use a lot of parts that are obsolete for quite some time. The Tower of Gazzel and Illusion City can be found here 7. Currently a small batch of Modulons is being produced, which will go to the people who made reservations some time ago.