Page 19 Set the document. Select the destination you want to delete, and press [Delete]. Some errors may not initiate a message on the screen and you may have to press the mode switch key to display the message. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Lessens green, and enhances magenta.

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Setting the file name File Name You can edit the file name for the scanned image data.

Click [OK] to close the printing preference screen. Select the destination, and press [Select].

Add Printer Wizard is unavailable with these driver. If An Error Occurs If an error occurs If an error occurs, the information lamp will illuminate and you will hear an audible beep.

Storing Received Documents Storing received documents There are various recording methods available according to the specified settings. Table Of Contents Contents How to read this kfx Page 22 Click [Extended Functions] tab, and enter the setting if necessary. Enter the user ID and password, and click [Login].


Murata Muratec MFX Toner Cartridges & Supplies

Click [Preferences] to open the printing preference screen. The procedure is then the same as for registering an address book destination. Got it, continue to print.

If this error continues to occur, contact your authorized Muratec dealer. The document for delayed transmission is stored in memory until the specified time, at which point transmission will start. Page Enter the printing time, and press [Enter]. If You Cannot Solve The Problem If you cannot solve the problem If you have a problem with your machine that you cannot solve with the information provided in these manuals, contact your mdx Muratec dealer or call the Muratec Customer Support Center at from U.

The machine supports the following two types of redialing: Select to scan with a contrast between the normal contrast and the darkest contrast. Please use Windows Explorer to run the Setup. The fax mode lamp will illuminate.

Murata Muratec MFX 3510 Supplies

Jan 01 Transmit the document again. Monochrome multifunction printer – standard copy, print, fax and color scan 2 pages. You can also transmit without adding a sender name.


Page If you know who the sending party is, ask them to transmit the document again. If an error occurs Lightens the entire image.

Muratec MFX-3510 User Manual

Page 38 Enter the subject, and press [Enter]. The destinations registered in the group.

Wait a while, and perform the operation again. After installation, these programs can be turned back on. When transmitting a fax or e-mail, enter this number to select the destination. Browse to the Setup directory on the download file.

Check the transmission result. Item Description Paper Document Select the size of the document you created. Advanced scan settings See the Scanner and Fax Guide for more information.

Enter the shortcut name within 24 characters.